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Residential Sales

The primary focus at Gold Country Realty (GCR) is to provide timely, responsive, and professional residential real estate services. We understand that the purchase or sale of your home is at the top of your priority list. GCR will provide you personal and professional services every time.

Boulder County is a hot, hot market, and it’s important to know that your broker is focused on getting you to the closing table. GCR uses the latest technologies combined with the efficiency of experience to get the job done. Email, cell, or text? We respond to all, quickly. We use electronic signatures whenever possible to make the paperwork as clean, timely, and tidy as possible. We’re here for you.

Seller Services

As a Boulder County real estate company in business for nearly 30 years, the experience and knowledge we bring will ensure the best sales strategy for your home. We’ll work with you to determine the best listing price and help you prepare your home for showing its best side.

It’s important to understand the market around you, the trends, the competition. We’ll help you prepare, price, and primp your home so that the buyer walking through will love “what you’ve done with the place.”  GCR sets up our own showings, giving us an opportunity to point out the special features of a home before the visit.

You’ve got to find the edge in this competitive real estate market. GCR provides the tools for a successful sale, and our record speaks for itself.

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Buyer Services

This is a fast-moving market, and you want to have an agent who’s ready to jump when you are. David is an active, full-time agent with his ear to the rail, looking for what you’re after. Finding the perfect fit is key, and GCR will have you first in line when that new listing drops.

You want a pro in your corner as the negotiating begins, the inspections are made, and the inevitable challenges are met. There’s a lot to keep track of during the process, especially in the mountain market. Count on someone who knows the ins and outs, the timing of things, and the means to the end. Not everyone is cut out for mountain real estate, and while there’ll always be challenges, let’s avoid the surprises.

Market Valuations

Curious what your home is worth? GCR will be happy to come by and perform a market analysis. These valuations can help you decide if and when to sell and what you might expect on the current market. Another useful result of a market analysis is in walking through your home with someone who’ll look objectively at what might be done, often at little cost, to enhance the sales potential of your property.

A valuation can range from a short walkthrough with you to discuss options to a full, side-by-side comparative market analysis of your home. Either way, this will go a long way toward helping you decide how much, how soon, and most important, what next?

gold country david mans 1275 87J Boulder
gold country david mans 93 Bridger Boulder

Property Management

Gold Country Management LLC (GCM) provides property management services. It can be challenging to handle a rental property, especially if you’re out of state. GCM takes care of the challenges of finding, screening, and settling a tenant. We’ll organize the repairs and cleanings necessary upon move-in and move-out, get things prepped, advertise, show, and help choose a tenant.

If you’ve moved and are just not ready to sell your beloved house or you’re fed up with the burdens of being a landlord, give GCM a call to see if we can help.

We work with a number of tried and true pros, including mountain specialists.